JUSTICE360 is a social good ecosystem focused on improving human rights and equality for all. We address issues such as racial discrimination, gender equity, education access, the prison industrial complex, the wealth gap, police brutality, human trafficking, and the digital divide. The SDG #16 is a universal call-to-action to ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. To date, the peace and justice SDG has received the most funding of all goals with a total of $343 billion in 2011. These funds are used to help promote and empower cultural, political and economic inclusion of everyone in the world regardless of age, disability, race, sex, religion, economic, ethnicity or origin or any other status. Without peace, stability, basic human rights and effective governance, we cannot hope for sustainable development. Our goal is to help non-profits that are working towards justice establish strategic partnerships so we can collectively reduce inequality and guarantee equal opportunities for all.

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